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Embroidered apparel is a big seller! Professional and detailed, get your logo embroidered on any type of clothing or material that you desire. Just contact our team to get started.

There’s nothing quite like marketing with promotional items that contain your organization’s or business’ logo. US Logoworks provides custom embroidery services for all in the Fayetteville, Raleigh, & Fort Bragg areas. We’re always proud to help our military personnel. In fact, we serve Fort Hood, TX as well. 

From embroidery to screen printing, we can create exactly the look you want!

Screen printing is a very popular method of creating custom apparel. If you've got an idea, let us bring it to life on any clothing item. Screen printing offers a unique and affordable option for companies, clubs, schools, teams, and more to display their team name, logo, or event proudly. Whether you’re looking to place your logo on T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, or another piece of apparel, just call US Logoworks for a quote and let us know what you need! We are the #1 provider of custom apparel and screen printing for the Raleigh, Fort Bragg and Fayetteville, NC regions. See the 5-star reviews from our customers!

Methodist University New Student Orientation Custom T-Shirt

A screen printing ink primarily for textile printing composed of the following components: PVC (polyvinyl chloride), color pigments, and plasticizers.

Plastisol printing is the standard printing process for shirts. It allows for a crisp, consistent print. The ink can be felt on the fabric.

Rockabella's custom shirt
DTG (Direct to Garment)

Printing process utilizing a special ink jet based printer that uses special textile inks to print multi-color/photo art directly onto a garment.

DTG is great when you need a full color print on a cotton garment or if you only need a few pieces printed. It has a soft feel.

custom shirt of arrows and a scorpion
Discharge Ink

A process used to print lighter colors onto dark background fabrics without the heavy feel of Plastisol. They work by removing the dye of the garment prior to printing water-based ink.

Discharge printing gives a shirt a soft print with a retro/vintage look.

Where the brotherhood begins custom t shirt
Water Based Ink

Non plastisol inks that can be air dried.

Water Based Inks are a good alternative to plastisol prints. It allows for the same crisp, consistent print without feeling the ink on the shirt.

Sandhill's Mustang Club custom t shirt
Simulated Process

A screen printing technique typically used for the reproduction of photographic or full color images involving the use of color separation software and printing certain colors of opaque inks in a certain order on high mesh count screens.

Simulated Process printing is great for large orders with complex full color artwork. The print has a light feel and provides great detail.

Fort Bragg custom T shirt

Where the image is recreated by sewing directly into the fabric.

Embroidery is recommended for high-end garments and bags.

For custom embroidery & screen printing apparel, choose US Logoworks

Screen printing is a popular design choice for shirts, banners, and more. If you're looking to have your logo displayed on a shirt, promotional material created, or even shirts made for an event, screen printing and custom embroidery is a great option. With screen printing, you typically receive a better quality and more durable product. It's very versatile and can be applied to a wide range of apparel items like hats, bags, and more. Another reason why customers love screen printing is that it's perfect for large, bulk orders. If you're considering screen printing, custom embroidery, or any type of apparel design, contact US Logoworks of Fort Bragg, Raleigh, and Fayetteville, NC directly today!

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These days, it is all about getting your brand out there as much as possible. There’s certainly plenty of other businesses out there competing for people’s attention spans. Promotional products are a very simple way of getting your brand’s name out there to many people. People always love free things after all! Call US Logoworks today to get started, and we can sit down and discuss your marketing plan. Our services are completely customizable.

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