Raleigh SkylineServing Raleigh, NC

 Although located in Fayetteville, US Logoworks is proud to serve the nearby Raleigh, NC community. Located about 50 miles north of Fayetteville, Raleigh is North Carolina’s second largest city with a population of about 480,000. Rather than a city that grew from a single settlement, Raleigh was one the country’s first planned cities. This meant that its location and layout were chosen in preparation for it to become the state’s capital.

 Today, Raleigh, NC is a high-tech and medical hub being that it is one of the three major cities that make up the Research Triangle Park area. Along with Durham and Chapel Hill, this area is the largest high-tech research parks in the United States.

Promotional Products for Your Business in Raleigh, NC

 Raleigh, NC is also featured on many “Top 10 Lists” as being a favorable business climate. With a booming population and high quality of living many business owners are deciding to set up shop in Raleigh. Whether you have been operating in the area for years, or just starting your first business, be sure to turn to US Logoworks for all your promotional products. We can provide everything from screen printing and custom embroidery for apparel to accessories and bags. Contact our team today for more information!